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Moving on. /
Logan, I know Lilly loved you.

Yeah, just not like I loved her. It's okay. No, uh, you know, it kinda let's me off the hook, you know, I-I don't know, I don't have to feel guilty anymore.

Feel guilty about what?

Moving on.

Yes, people.



Now you understand what it's like to dive.
Take it back, taken back, she forgets you.
Now she pleads: "Forgive me again, it's the last time I will..."
1:30:00 PM

A realization that hit me like woah! /

Because of uber-boredom (and severe VM-sickness), I came across a beeyootiful VM fanfic. :)

There was a scene wherein Veronica was asking her Dad if people can really change. And her Dad replied a very beeyootiful and super tagos line that I had to re-read it.


The world is not all black and white. It is not separated into good people and bad people. I beleive that everyone has something good and bad inside them.

HA! That's rich. Coming from someone like me. Coming from someone that actually considers scrutinizing people and making fun of and their mistakes as a 'hobby'.

Oh Ged, I need a life. :))

Recently-ish, a friend told me that she thinks that this particular aspect of me is getting kind of out of hand. Yung mga panlalait, sumosobra na raw. She didn't say it outright, pero, hello? I just read between the lines.

Ayon. Nabanas ako na nag-worry na napa-sdbnwhjkf~!!.

Tapos na 'tong issue na 'to. (?) Para sa akin. I've come to terms with what she said. I try (REALLY HARD) to keep my mouth shut when I really don't have anything nice to say. (At least, when she's around. XD)

Now, where was I? Oh right. The 'bad' and 'good' people. Do you guys know Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? I think that everyone of us can be like those two. (Minus the very abrupt mood changes. XD)

Wow, parang nawawala na yung point ko.

What I'm trying to 'say' is I keep pointing out the mistakes of others and what I think they should change about themselves wherein I also need to change, but choose not to. I like myself. (Wow, narcissm! XD) Sixteen na ako, at medyo nasa sistema ko na yon at alam kong 'di ko na mababago yung ganitong kaugalian.

Ayon. Marami rin akong mga taong ayaw, na feeling ko hindi na magbabago, at dahil don mas ayaw ko sila. Oh Gadfak, ang labo non.

Tapos, kapag sinasabi kosa iba na ayaw ko kay particular person, I can sense na uncomfortable sila or whatever kasi para sa kanila, okay naman si particular person. Ayon, feeling ko feeling nila na Dahuym, pwede ba, masyado ka na kung maka-react. Yung ganon. :))

Tae, nawala yung gusto kong sabihin.

What I'm trying to say is: I am now trying not to give a rat's ass if I (or some people) think you're 'bad' or 'good', 'cause as long as you're always there for me, then in my book, you're good. :))

Parang, You're a Hall of Famer in my book lang eh no. :))

Frak! Kung kailan may na-type na ako may naisip na akong sabihin!

I love all the people who stays for me when the going gets tough!


Okay. So para sa lahat na sa tingin nila nandyan sila parati for me, I love you! :)

(Parang tanga, as if naman may problema eh no. XD Naisip lang kasi. :D)


''If you keep a catalog of a person's misdeeds, they will surely live up to your worst expectations. A person is more than the sum of their strengths and flaws. I guess I'm saying a good person is one who is there for you when you need them the most."
 - Keith Mars; fanfic

''So, what would Stan Marsh say in a situation like this? I think we all learned a valuable lesson about faith. You give it to the people you love. But the people who really deserve it are the ones who come through even when you don't love them enough.''
- Veronica Mars; 3.07: Of Vice and Men

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Now you understand what it's like to dive.
Take it back, taken back, she forgets you.
Now she pleads: "Forgive me again, it's the last time I will..."
6:31:00 PM

Peace and Chaos. /
Please forgive me, I feel like blogging. :)

Is there such a thing as things being too perfect?

Like, for example, your life is fine and dandy. You don't have problems. Everything is fine with your family and friends. Your lovelife is non-existent. (And you don't have a problem with that.)

Everything is just, right.

And you have grown so accustomed to having problems and worrying about them and complaining and whining and blogging about them and solving them, that, when things FINALLY settle down. It seems so new to you.

Did you ever wish for chaos rather than deafening silence?

I am. I'm wishing for it right now.

I think, this is called paranoia. I feel like I'm going to have a problem any second.

But I don't have one. I'm warped. Gusto ko ng problema. HELLO? Yun and problema ko. :| XD

I think I do have some problems. A lot, but all of them are in the rearview mirror. It's those teensy-weensy problems that you think is nothing but when they join forces the weight equals to a HUGE problem. Those are the problems that you ignore, thinking that they wil soon fade away or you'll soon forget.

I never forget.

I miss everyone. And the way it used to be. I can feel it. Everything's going to change. And I don't think I will like it, but I'll try to get over it.

But still, I'm happy. :) I'm contented with everything right now. I just have this nagging feeling that I have to get off my chest or else I'll explode!


Now you understand what it's like to dive.
Take it back, taken back, she forgets you.
Now she pleads: "Forgive me again, it's the last time I will..."
9:07:00 PM

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Goodbye, Veronica Mars. You shall be sorely missed.

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"We are more than a sum of bad memories. You and I...we're Logan and Veronica. I never doubted for a moment that we would eventually find our way back to each other. No matter how long it took we will eventually be together again."

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